Joe Kennedy to Introduce Warren at Announcement

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"I am in that fight all the way", Warren said. "It is a story about power - our power - when we fight together".

Second-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Not afraid to go after big banks and big business, she may yet turn into a frontrunner, too.

After her speech in Lawrence, Warren will head that same afternoon to an organizing event in Dover, New Hampshire.

"I mean, your nationality or heritage shouldn't have anything to do with it, it should be your political views and where you stand as an American citizen - that should pretty much lead you to make your decision", Richard said. The backing could prove valuable for Ms Warren, given his status as a rising young Democratic star and his friendship with one of her potential 2020 rivals, former Democratic Rep Beto O'Rourke.

In June, Warren announced that she would not be running for president, however, less than three months later she seemingly flipped on her word, revealing she would, in fact, take a "hard look" at a presidential campaign following the midterms.

Standing before a crowd in Everett Mills, Massachusetts on Saturday, Warren declared her intent to win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination for the 2020 election. Touting a progressive agenda, she didn't refer to recent controversies over her longstanding claims about having a Native American heritage.

But it is the story of Warren's family that also had the 2020 candidate facing fresh questions about her credibility this week. Supporters hope that reputation will eclipse any image of her as someone who misrepresented herself as a Native American for years.

"I'm not particularly paying attention to the noise and the distractions of any candidate, whether it's someone I support or not", she said.

She notched a second viral moment in 2017 after Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell struggled to cut off a floor speech in which Warren was criticizing attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions.

Trump's campaign issued a statement Saturday saying Warren has been "exposed as a fraud" by claiming Native American ancestry. After proposing an "ultra-millionaire tax" that would hit the wealthiest 75,000 households in America, Warren told Bloomberg News last week that she continues to "believe in capitalism" but wants to see stricter rules to prevent gaming the system - a marked contrast with the self-described democratic socialism of Sanders.

At the MA event, Warren added some biographical elements, describing herself, as a young mother entering law school, having to quickly toilet-train her toddler so she could leave the child at a day-care center while she attended classes.

She got some of her biggest applause when she talked about her plan to change politics, repeating a pledge not to take money from special interests.

The expected launch will test whether the controversy is simply a Washington obsession or a substantive threat to her candidacy. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is in Iowa, while New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is visiting SC. Many have expected the senator to announce her bid as other contenders come forward, though she has been coy about it. Later in the week, Warren plans to visit South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and California.