Frozen cat found buried in snow thawed by animal clinic

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In some incredible feat, a cat who was found practically frozen to death buried in the snow in Montana in the United States late last week has made a full recovery.

PHOTO: Fluffy was found frozen solid in a snow bank in Kalispell, Montana, on January 31, 2019.

The clinic believes that Fluffy may have gotten some kind of injury in the snow, resulting in her not being able to make it to a safe shelter in time before her temperature dropped too low for her to move.

The clinic knew Fluffy would survive once they heard growling.

Fluffy's owners, who wish not to be identified, found her outside on their property last Thursday when temperatures had dipped below freezing. China Corum, used heating pads and heated cages to help stimulate Fluffy.

Her body temperature was below what the clinic's thermometers could read, minus 32 degrees. This is far below the normal body temperature for cats, which usually hovers around 101 degrees, Clark said.

"We immediately began to warm her up", Dutter said.

A cat has miraculously survived after she was completely frozen in the snow.

"She wasn't really responding for about the first half-hour, but then she started at least, acting like she was going to be alive", Dr Clark said.

Clark said Fluffy's owners plan to try to keep her inside for now.

"And finally, we put her in a heated kennel". For Fluffy, her owners made a life-saving decision.

When she got to the clinic, her temperature was below 90°F, said Dr. Jevon Clark.