Fairfax Denies Second Allegation, Refuses To Resign

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One, a mutual friend of Dr. Tyson and Mr. Fairfax, who asked not to be named to protect his own privacy, said he dated Dr. Tyson in the late 1990s and believed her account. Watson told multiple friends and classmates about the assault after it happened - both verbally and in Facebook messages and emails, she has revealed through her attorney.

The allegation comes days after Scripps College professor Vanessa Tyson first accused Fairfax of assaulting her at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, as The Washington Post and others reported. A woman says Fairfax's possible promotion compelled her to publicly accuse him of sexually assaulting her 15 years ago in an encounter Fairfax says was consensual. The details of Ms. Watson's attack are similar to those described by Dr. Vanessa Tyson.

Fairfax has denied both women's allegations.

However, in a prepared statement released through his office, Norment said he is a proud member of the Class of 1968 at VMI and that it was a year of "imperative transition", at the school. He denied the allegation again on Wednesday as his accuser came forward. It is demonstrably false.

"I demand a full investigation into these unsubstantiated and false allegations", Fairfax insisted.

Fairfax's spokeswoman, Lauren Burke, said "we're calling for an investigation on all of these matters".

I will clear my good name and I have nothing to hide.

Fairfax said the allegation was part of a "vicious and coordinated smear campaign" orchestrated against him. He concluded by declaring: "I will not resign".

On Thursday, a report said that Republican State Senator Tommy Norment had edited a yearbook that contained racist slurs and photos while in college.

"Much of the discussion has, rightfully, centered around who we are as Democrats as we continue to stand against racism and against sexual assault". Mr. Fairfax put his hand behind my neck and forcefully pushed my head towards his crotch. "Only then did I notice that he had unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, and taken out his penis". "He then forced his penis into my mouth", Tyson said in a statement.

The two allegations have surfaced in the harsh glare of the national spotlight, which was initially drawn to Virginia by a separate controversy involving Gov. Ralph Northam. McAuliffe wrote, "The allegations against Justin Fairfax are serious and credible". It is no longer appropriate for him to serve. "I call for his immediate resignation", said McAuliffe on Twitter. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) tweeted. We believe these allegations need to be taken very seriously, and we respect the right of women to come forward and be heard.

The practice has always been deeply offensive to black people, a point Democrats could make without too much political pain if there were unblemished replacements lined up to replace Northam.

Calls for Northam's resignation quickly escalated, following revelations last weekend about Northam's 1984 blackface appearance and a racist photo on his yearbook page of two individuals - one in blackface and the other dressed in white robes of the Ku Klux Klan.

The improbable scenario of the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general all forced by scandal to resign has raised the prospect of the Democrats losing the governorship to a Republican - Kirk Cox, who as speaker of the House of Delegates is third in the line of succession under the state's constitution.