Panda Express giving out free egg rolls for Lunar New Year

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Alibaba Pictures, the e-commerce giant's film division, has inked a deal with STX Entertainment to screen the Peppa Pig film, "Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year" in USA theatres.

The world's most popular pink, British pig is getting her own movie - in Chinese!

Next door in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country which also has a sizeable ethnic Chinese population, the Lunar New Year is a public holiday.

The annual extravaganza featured a glittering procession of nine carnival floats carrying unique designs and messages of good wishes, luck and health for the upcoming Year of the Pig.

"That co-operation has changed the lives of ordinary people in both countries, here in Kenya, we see it most clearly in the Standard Gauge Railway, the region's most ambitious infrastructure project", he stated.

Eating lobster on the holiday is known to symbolize a prosperous year ahead and the one-of-a-kind dish features a 2-pound crispy ME lobster (2lb) with Chinese fried rice, house-made lap cheong (sausage), and shiso chili vinegar served with 4-foot-long chopsticks.

"The festival is only a distant shape if you are not celebrating it with the people you want to be with. now I always try to call and greet my family on Chinese New Year".

The cartoon's focus on family values has resonated with Chinese parents, said Ms Li Xin as she bought a Peppa toy for her four-year-old at a Beijing store.

Folk artists perform the dragon dance in Nanjing to welcome Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year takes place tomorrow, on the 5th of February. In this tradition, children receive money in red envelopes.

The family reunions in China mean that millions of people return to their cities of origin.

President Donald Trump also issued a statement celebrating the holiday, lauding it as "an opportunity for All Americans to honor the important contribution [people of Asian descent] have made to the story of American greatness". (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim) In this Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, photo, Filipino-Chinese display piggy banks at the start of celebrations leading to next week's Lunar New Year in Chinatown, Manila, Philippines.