Senate Leader McConnell cautions Pres. Trump about wall emergency

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"I've set the table".

A senior USA administration official said Trump will "present a path forward" on the wall impasse during the televised speech but declined to offer details.

"I think there's a good chance that we'll have to do that", he added, referring to declaring a national emergency.

In the interview with CBS Face the Nation, the president attempted to portray the shutdown that ended last month without funding for his wall as a victory over Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House speaker. "I did them a big favor in negotiating the USMCA, which is basically the replacement to NAFTA, which is one of the worst trade deals ever made", Trump said.

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She "doesn't mind human trafficking", Trump added, striking a deep blow at Pelosi.

In defending the wall, Trump recited his usual list of talking points, claiming drugs are "pouring in" and that there are "people dying all over the country because of people like Nancy Pelosi who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons".

A top Democrat has suggested that although "we aren't going to have a wall", some kind of "enhanced barrier" could be an option.

All eyes are on Trump's Tuesday State of the Union address, when he is expected to make some sort of border wall announcement.

"With Caravans marching through Mexico and toward our Country, Republicans must be prepared to do whatever is necessary for STRONG Border Security".

He assailed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, for continuing to oppose US taxpayer-funding of the wall.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to declare a national emergency on the border, which he says would allow him to transfer money from elsewhere in the government to build his promised border wall without congressional approval. "I don't think Democrats want border security". The president - in open warfare with opposition Democrats, as well as railing nearly daily against prosecutors looking at allegations that he colluded with Russian Federation in his 2016 election - will take the high ground, the official said.

Trump said he wants to keep the US military base in Iraq rather than pull troops out like in Syria and Afghanistan "because I want to be able to watch Iran".

Freelance journalist Laura Bassett on Sunday warned Super Bowl-watchers not fall for President Donald Trump's pregame interview because she said it was filled with "a lot of ignorance and a lot of lies".

"She is doing a bad disservice to our country", the U.S. president said.