MMA fighter wanted on murder charges captured

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Marks, who was arrested in MI last month on a burglary charge with the intent to commit another felony, was being extradited back to Bell County, Texas, in a prisoner transport van, according to ABC News.

Cedric Marks, a veteran of 59 professional mixed martial arts bouts, escaped from a "private prisoner transport" in Conroe, Texas, on Sunday, according to a report from Houston-based station KHOU 11.

McGinnis says murder warrants were issued for Marks on Sunday in the deaths of an ex-girlfriend, Jenna Scott, and her friend, Michael Swearingin. Scott and her friend Michael Swearingin were found dead in Oklahoma on Jan 15.

He was last seen in an orange jumpsuit, with no shirt, and restraints.

The protective order says Scott and Cedric Marks began dating in August of 2015.

26-year-old Maya Renee Maxwell was also arrested, charged with evidence tampering after police say she left Swearingin's auto in Austin in hopes of concealing it from police.

Marks was arrested in MI last month for breaking into the ex-girlfriend's Texas home, in August.

Marks, who fought MMA professionally for 20 years, was known as "Spider Man", last fought in September and had a record of 31-27-0.

An ex-girlfriend of Marks, Amanda Pease, has been missing since 2009 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Marks is considered extremely risky.

The two were involved in a fierce custody dispute in Washington state and Pease, who had a drug problem, went to live in a Bloomington women's shelter because she said she was afraid of Marks.

Marks was en route to Bell County by Texas Prisoner Transport Services from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he had been arrested by U.S. Marshalls for burglary with intent to commit another felony, Conroe Police Lt. Dorcy McGinnis said in a media Conference.

The woman who voluntarily admitted she drove a Swearingin's vehicle to Austin with the hope of concealing it from law enforcement agencies was extradited to Bell County.

Maya Maxwell is charged with evidence tampering and is jailed in Bell County, Texas, on $150,000 bond. He allegedly would threaten her every time she tried to break up with him, and even choked her until she lost consciousness twice.

Marks' wife, a 37 year old Muskegon woman, was charged with harboring him on January 16.

She was accused of allowing Marks and Maxwell to stay in her home between January 5 and January 9.