Zelina Vega Dresses as Street Fighter's Vega at the Royal Rumble

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Will Lynch now be in Women's Royal Rumble? Like previous year, there will be two of these matches: one for the men and one for the women.

WWE has made a decision to exclude Braun Strowman from the match against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Champion at the Royal Rumble, which will take place at Chase Field in Phoenix on January 27th. Currently, two superstars from different brands seem the absolute favorites to feature in marquee matches at Wrestlemania. With a total of 30 participants, the last wrestler standing does not only win the match but also gets a championship match at Wrestlemania.

Changing corporate things takes time. Now ...

Lesnar attacked with German suplexes and the F5 after the match. Corbins hid in a limousine, and Strowman not realizing that the luxury auto belonged to Vince Mcmahon destroyed it. Strowman chased Corbin because of the remarks made by the latter stating he was not capable of defeating Lesnar. So Seth Rollins will be the next in line to challenge the beast incarnate for the prime title.

If "The Philly Special" was Philadelphia's sporting zenith for this decade, then this maddening edition of the Royal Rumble is perhaps the nadir (partially because nobody remembers Battleground 2017).

But Flair could also face off with SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka for the second straight WrestleMania. But she is likely to come up short as per the updates from Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Nia Jax then came out at number 29 and destroyed Lana before she could enter the match.

Zelina Vega hid under the ring for most of the match, but from time to time she would peak her head out to see what was going on.