Giuliani: Trump legal team reached out to Mueller after BuzzFeed report

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"I guess the Buzzfeed story-I don't remember what it said about Cohen-but it said there was corroboration that the president talked to Cohen and told him to lie about, I guess it was, the Moscow proposal", Giuliani said. "'Rudy Giuliani: He lied for Trump, '" the president's attorney told the publication.

But in an emailed statement on Monday Giuliani changed his story, saying: "My comments did not represent the actual timing or circumstances of any such discussions".

- May 4-6, 2016: Felix Sater, an executive who had worked on and off for the Trump Organization, and Cohen discuss having Trump visit Russian Federation after the Republican National Convention. His statement Sunday, made on NBC's "Meet the Press", that Trump associates had continued negotiations about the real estate project deep into the 2016 campaign had again raised scrutiny into then-candidate Trump's posture toward Moscow, including his call in July of that year for Russian Federation to hack into Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's emails.

"BuzzFeed's description of specific statements to the Special Counsel's Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen's Congressional testimony are not accurate", a spokesperson for Mueller said.

Giuliani's suggestion that dialogue about the Trump Tower project could have stretched into the fall of 2016 extends the timeline for negotiations well beyond what the president has publicly acknowledged. He echoed Kremlin talking points on key foreign policy topics like the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the usefulness of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance and the fight against ISIS in Syria.

Trump said in November that he saw nothing wrong with running for president and pursuing a business deal simultaneously.

Negotiations for a Trump deal in Moscow occurred around the same time that the Russian government was interfering in the 2016 U.S. election. I shouldn't say he had no conversations.

It has been a rollercoaster couple of days for Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. In an interview on Monday, Giuliani said that the real estate development was "hypothetical" and "in the earliest stage". He added at the time that the conversations could have been in June or July 2016. The former New York City mayor, who frequently speaks directly to the president, is Trump's outside counsel and works in a different orbit than White House officials, who are still left to play damage control after some of Giuliani's wilder interviews. "And the president had no conversations". So anytime during that period they could've talked about it. But the President's recollection of it is that the - the thing had petered out quite a bit. They sent a letter of intent in.

Lawyer George Conway was not having any of it, tweeting: "Translation: 'I just made s**t up'". They finally got it straightened out and then they abandoned the project, ' he told NBC's "Meet the Press". "I said the President of the United States".

That statement, which suggested that the Trump Organization was engaged in business dealings with Russian Federation up to and beyond the election, ignited a firestorm and then an abrupt walk-back from Giuliani.

In another interview, Giuliani appeared to acknowledge the existence of "tapes" related to Michael Cohen's false testimony to Congress, before quickly reversing himself. A former federal prosecutor, he has also been the team's public face and, even if not the primary author of letters and other documents to the Mueller team, he has nonetheless helped develop strategy.