Broner: Everybody Knows I Beat Pacquiao; I Controlled Fight!

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Pacquiao continued to dictate the tempo of the fight with his jabs and combinations, while Broner tried to find his timing, finding little success with his shots.

Pacquiao, with the MGM crowd firmly behind him, came flying out of the traps behind his jab and straight right and even if over-eagerness saw his biggest shots miss, the eight-weight victor took the first three rounds in a familiar style.

Dave Moretti in the middle always tends to get things almost spot on in particular. He also displayed some power, though he was never able to drop Broner.

The two fighters slugged it out Sunday at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the seventh round, Pacquiao pushed Broner back to the ropes and delivered an onslaught of punches that left Broner holding on for survival. Turned out Pacquiao did, and then some as he pushed the attack against Broner. Pacquiao attacked at will, winning round after round before the fight started to heat up in the middle rounds. "Everybody out there know I beat him".

"You keep asking me about Manny Pacquiao", Mayweather said during the fight. "I'm 3-3-1 in my last seven, but I'd be 7-0 against you", Broner snapped. The American star won comfortably, and Pacquiao would later reveal that he fought with an injured right shoulder.

"I'm so happy", said Pacquiao.

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Broner's best round might have been the 11th, but even though he clearly needed a stoppage to avoid three straight fights without a win, he barely threatened.

Ringside punching stats showed Pacquiao landing 112 of 568 pounds.