Sony Music, R. Kelly Part Ways

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Sony Corp's RCA music label has scrubbed R Kelly from its lineup after a documentary series renewed the furor surrounding allegations of criminal sexual misconduct. The two parties reportedly settled out of court for $250,000 in 2002, but his lawyer tells NBC News the alleged relationship "didn't happen".

The pressure was apparently too much for R. Kelly's record label, which announced Friday it had removed him from its roster of entertainers. VARIETY reports that no public announcement of the separation is forthcoming, and his catalog will remain with RCA/SONY.

Kelly was signed to Sony back in 2012 and has released four albums through RCA, including 2015's The Buffet which featured Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign, and Jhene Aiko.

RCA stood by Kelly throughout all of the allegations, according to Variety, because he has never been convicted of a crime and has steadfastly maintained his innocence.

He tweeted earlier this month that he had a new album coming out soon.

Last year, the Time's Up campaign sought action from RCA, Spotify and Apple Music, which stream Kelly's catalogue; and Ticketmaster, which has sold tickets to his concerts over the allegations.

Lady Gaga has also condemned Kelly, issuing an emotional apology for her work with him.

The resurgence of decades-old scrutiny over R. Kelly and the sexual misconduct he's been accused of seems to finally be culminating in some real action that could have some long-lasting damage to the singer and his career.

But he was acquitted of all charges in 2008 and continued to make music.