UK PM must 'ditch red lines', rule out no-deal Brexit: Corbyn

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U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's compromise Brexit deal was rejected by Parliament.

"We're prepared for all scenarios - we are continuing to plan for a disorderly Brexit scenario and we will step up this planning - it's about preventing any negative impact for citizens and our companies to the extent possible".

After the confidence vote, May met several party leaders, but the main opposition leader, Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, refused to hold talks unless a no-deal Brexit was ruled out.

Theresa May has seen off a bid to remove her government, winning a no-confidence vote by 325 to 306.

Pro-Remain Labour MP Chuka Umunna
Pro-Remain Labour MP Chuka Umunna

In a direct message to Mrs May he said: "Take no-deal off the table now please prime minister".

Tuesday's crushing defeat appears to have killed off May's two-year strategy of forging an amicable divorce in which a status-quo transition period would be followed by Britain operating an independent trade policy alongside close ties to the European Union, the world's biggest single market.

And finally, no, the prime minister would not ask European leaders to delay Britain's departure beyond the March date - by extending or revoking the E.U. Article 50 - as the Scottish National Party has demanded as a condition of further talks.

The YouGov survey of more than 1,070 voters found on Wednesday that 56 per cent would vote to stay in the European Union, against 44 per cent who want to leave.

"And yes, we will also work to continue on the solemn promise we made to the people of this country to deliver on the referendum and leave the European Union."

"If a second referendum should take place, then obviously the party will decide what role we will play in that and what our view would be", he said.

Nor would the British prime minister endorse permanently joining a European customs union, which is what those who want a softer Brexit seek, because, her spokesman said, it would then be hard or impossible to seek free trade deals with other countries, such as the United States.

He last night withdrew proposals for the cross-party Commons Liaison Committee of senior backbenchers to draw up an alternative Brexit plan, after its chair Sarah Wollaston indicated that it would not accept the role. "I will be fighting them, make no doubt about that", he said.

The second looks at the increased control measures at ports and airports, and will "lighten certain formalities". Both points rule out Labour hopes of membership of an EU customs union or its single market.

Under EU rules for a member state leaving the bloc "we will leave the EU without a deal on March 29 unless parliament either agrees a deal with the EU or the United Kingdom revokes Article 50 and chooses to stay in the EU permanently", she wrote.

Mr Gardiner said that neither Mr Corbyn nor his frontbench team were taking part in discussions with the Government while no-deal remained on the table.

But the chairman of May's Conservative party, Brandon Lewis, said on Thursday that Britain should not stay in the current customs union because striking worldwide trade deals after Brexit is a priority.