Cardinals source says it's 'ludicrous' to believe team will trade Josh Rosen

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As the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Wednesday, NFL teams aren't keen on the idea of sharing their starting quarterback with another league.

Murray was the ninth overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft of the A's and, as such, has a $4.88 million contract waiting for him if he chooses to play baseball.

And while not everyone sees Murray as a first-round pick, enough teams do that that he could be a high enough pick to make it financially worth it for him to pursue a football career over a baseball career.

For good measure, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport did toss some cold water on that by stating he spoke to a Cardinals source who said that trading Rosen was "ludicrous" and "not happening". If Murray were to decide to play football - which sources told the Chronicle they believe he will - he would have to give back most or all of the bonus, according to At present, the only thing guaranteed to Murray in his baseball career is that $4.66MM bonus.

There is no right or wrong answer and even though we all have opinions on it, it is his decision to make and for now it appears he is choosing the NFL. While declaring doesn't guarantee Murray will play baseball instead of football, but it certainly increases that chance.

But the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback is also considering entering the NFL Draft. Murray has a lot more pocket passing skills than you'd expect for a small, athletic quarterback.

After his team lost to Alabama in the College Football Playoff semifinal, Murray was mum about his future. Certainly, there are more than pure financial considerations at play, but assuming he's a first-round selection in the National Football League draft, Murray can look at Jackson's near-$9.5MM guarantee as a rough baseline for what he'd be promised.