What exactly should the Patrick McCaw fiasco cost the Cavs?

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But McCaw lasted less than 10 days with the Cavs.

McCaw then played three games for the Cavaliers before they released him ahead of a deadline that would have guaranteed his contract.

Toronto is McCaw's latest stop during a weird sequence of events that has featured him declining to sign the Warriors offer sheet during his restricted free agency over the summer, sitting out more than two months of the regular season, signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, being released just three games into his tenure there, and reportedly signing with Toronto Wednesday.

Initial reports when McCaw was waived said the Cavs hoped to bring him back on a differently structured deal, but ESPN reported Wednesday that Toronto appears to be the two-time champion's destination. It was a weird situation.

For Patrick McCaw and the Cleveland Cavaliers, this is getting serious. And now that he is an unrestricted free agent, the former UNLV standout reportedly plans to sign with the Raptors with a veteran's minimum of $786,000 for one year, according to Shams Charania. After a request by Golden State, the National Basketball Association has launched an investigation into the situation, and the Cavs could potentially even lose their 2019 draft pick if it turns out they did something shady, which would be an absolute disaster.

McCaw, who had been out for months, was seeking multi-years with multi-millions attached. In essence, the Cavs would be helping McCaw escape restricted free agency. Golden State declined to match the sheet.

The Milwaukee Bucks drafted McCaw with the 38th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Namely, the Cavs could be fined and be lose their first-round pick. Now, if a loss of pick in on the horizon, things will certainly start to get interesting surrounding McCaw. The Cavs can simply claim that they did not feel McCaw was worth rostering anymore, and because of his poor play, they did not want to pay his guaranteed salary.