UK Parliament votes to create financial obstacle to a 'no-deal' Brexit

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Today in a keynote speech to Labour members in Yorkshire, Jeremy Corbyn will say the most practical and democratic way to "break the deadlock" at Westminster over Brexit is to hold another general election. This LBC listener was keen to know.

Theresa May called two union leaders on Thursday and has met some Labour MPs in a bid to build support.

MPs will continue debating Theresa May's Brexit deal, as she bids to build support for it ahead of Tuesday's vote.

Mrs May's office said the deal was in the national interest but if MPs disagreed, the government would "respond quickly".

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"An extension would be a possibility because clearly there has to be time to negotiate [with Brussels]", Corbyn said.

"Parliament has now asserted its authority and sovereignty and effectively exposed the threat of no deal as an empty one".

The vote came hard on the heels of Tuesday night's Commons defeat for the Government on a motion meant to limit its powers to change taxes in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

It is expected that the motion would be tabled before the end of the day on January 21, with a debate and vote on the motion likely to take place that week.

As things stand, Britain will crash out of the bloc on March 29 if parliament fails to approve an agreement the government has struck with the EU.

Wilson, who is among 10 DUP lawmakers propping up May's minority government, cast as "window dressing" her proposals to give the Northern Irish assembly the power to vote against new European Union rules if the border backstop comes into force after Brexit.

Elsewhere, Nick Timothy, Mrs May's former chief of staff, wrote in the Daily Telegraph that the Prime Minister would not willingly take the United Kingdom out of the European Union without a deal.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove told cabinet colleagues that critics holding out for a better deal were like swingers in their mid-50s waiting for Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson to turn up on a date.

A potentially damaging no-deal exit is the default scenario if May's deal is rejected, with the UK's central bank warning that Britain's gross domestic product (GDP) could shrink by up to eight percent in such a scenario.

Mr Grieve had tabled the amendment Tuesday night after pro-EU MPs had passed an amendment to the Finance Bill created to prohibit spending on No Deal preparations without authorisation from Parliament - which is dominated by Remainers and largely opposed to No Deal.

With the clock running down to a no-deal Brexit in the absence of any agreement with Brussels, his words also appeared to be created to placate party members demanding a pause to allow a possible second referendum.

"What it now must do is hand the decision back to the people", Murray said.

Effectively this constrains the government's ability to act to keep its taxation system working smoothly if it pursues a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of a majority in parliament.

The government said it was an "inconvenience" but would not stop its preparations for leaving the EU. Japan, like our other allies, understands the folly of a no-deal Brexit.

However, France's Europe Minister Nathalie Loiseau said "there is nothing more that we can do" - and warned against putting too much faith in talk of extending Article 50.

He also argued that Theresa May is struggling badly to get a deal agreed because "the Prime Minister and the government have pushed parliament away" to secure any form of consensus.