Trump Trolls Elizabeth Warren With Mock 2020 Campaign Poster

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More than 30 years after first publicly claiming to be a minority in the 1985-1986 American Association of Law Schools Directory and subsequently submitting and signing a form in 1989 to her then-employer, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, claiming to be a Native American, Warren has yet to provide a single piece of documentary evidence to support that claim, and her purported DNA results fall far short of any standard that would have justified that claim based on genetic evidence.

She is the most prominent Democrat yet in what is expected to be a crowded field of fellow contenders hoping to retake the White House from Republican President Donald Trump in 2020. She also touted alleged family recipes, which some say have been ripped off, in a cookbook she co-authored amazingly called "Pow Wow Chow".

On the heels of announcing last week an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2020, Sen.

For someone known for her ability to rouse crowds with her takedowns of Wall Street and Trump, Warren ignited her audience in Iowa by promising, in her trademark style, to "persist".

"I do not think she will get much traction here in New Hampshire", said John Rauh, a former U.S. Senate candidate. Warren said, when asked by reporters about the tweet. The test indicated that Warren likely had Native American in her bloodline, though the ancestor probably lived six to 10 generations ago.

The sign, apparently created by the conservative website Real Daily Wire, was the president's latest crack at the progressive MA senator, who announced this week that she would seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

"How about if the president spends his time getting the government back open?" "Every Democratic candidate for president has got to tell themselves Iowa is winnable, but we can't do it the way Clinton did it".

Warren is already putting her money where her mouth is.

Warren plans to start her swing through Iowa on Friday with a stop at an organizing event in Council Bluffs followed by similar events on Saturday in Sioux City and Des Moines and a roundtable discussion in Storm Lake.

"Across this country wages are flat, across this country the cost of health care, the cost of sending your kids to college, the cost of housing, the cost of retirement are going up, up, up", she continued.

Warren made her Iowa debut calling for economic fairness in front of a cheering crowd of Iowa and Nebraska Democrats at a Council Bluffs, Iowa, bowling alley.

Warren did not find it as humorous as the 46,000 people who retweeted it did.

"We'll see how she does", he said. "That gives her a real upside". 'Hold on a second - I'm gonna get me a beer, ' she said, stepping out of frame.

Progressives who wanted to draft Warren to run for president in 2016 kicked off their campaign in the state.