Ellen DeGeneres criticized for defending Kevin Hart

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They wrote: "To Ellen".

Journalist and activist George M Johnson also hit-out at DeGeneres for acting on behalf of the black LGBT+ community in a video on Twitter. "I think if you want to make it a teachable moment, go out there and make it a teachable moment".

DeGeneres hosted Hart on her talk show and posted the interview to Twitter where she added, "I believe in forgiveness". The comedian gave up the gig after the academy asked him to apologize, but later had a change of heart and apologized to anyone who was offended by his statements.

"It reminds me of when Kavanaugh got into the Surpreme Court and it was like, is he the only one you could possibly find in this country to do that job?" she asked. "No, it's done. It's done", Hart told Variety.

"There are so many haters out there, whatever's going on in the internet". Not even a full 24 hours to glow in the glory of, "Kevin Hart is hosting this year's Oscars".

Eventually, after some pushing from DeGeneres, the "Upside" actor says he will evaluate their conversation and will decide whether to step back on board as the Oscars host amid his tweet controversy.

"To see a friend reach a moment like that, to be able to share it with him and then two days later the entire energy is shifted, it hit him pretty hard", says Cannon, who's now hosting the hit new Fox series The Masked Singer. Is that how it works now in Hollywood - you have a career in comedy, where you sometimes offend people, and you have a "right" to host the industry's most prominent awards show? She then told him that she had spoken to the Academy and wants Hart to take back the gig, starting the hashtag #OscarsNeedHart. Don't let those people win.

"And I believe in Ellen", another social media user tweeted.

Kevin Hart will be stopping by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", according to reports and it won't be a typical visit. He has also made anti-gay comments in his standup in the past. The comedian said he has since grown and has become more "cultured and manufactured".

"This is a conversation I needed to have, I'm glad I had it here".

After a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, it seems that Hart may be considering returning as the host of the event.

None of that means, however, that Hart has no ambitions to stand upon the Oscars stage.

Hart detailed the news cycle following his Oscar hosting announcement as a dark cloud.

Though DeGeneres has been a beloved gay icon for years, her fans in and out of the LGBTQ community were extremely disappointed with her response to Hart's homophobic drama. DeGeneres faces scrutiny for being too lenient with a friend and using her own status as a famous and powerful gay person to let his previous comments go. At the time this article was written, there has been no replacement for Hart announced.