Bird Box lift for Netflix

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Bird Box is taking over everyone's holiday season, and with that comes the knowledge that not everyone is well versed in the career of Sandy B. One of our greatest living actresses, Sandra Bullock has had quite the career in Hollywood and continues to make incredible movies.

Another factor that keeps the views on a Netflix original from being compared to the box office receipts of a major blockbuster is the fact that people do not have to make the same effort to see the Netflix film as those in the theater.

Some digging by The Verge indicates that at least 45M people watched at least 70% of the supernatural thriller.

Shares of Netflix are up 33% YTD.

In a tweet from Netflix's official account, the streaming platform revealed that 45,037,125 accounts watched Bird Box in its first 7 days.

This assertion attracted some side-eyeing from those familiar with Netflix's general behavior in reporting. Nobody else can verify Netflix's claims, nor do they know exactly what "watched" means in this context.

It is worth wondering whether such statistics can influence the filmmaker's career, given that they can't be backed up. "How does a traditional studio considering her for a project view it?"

Netflix has never been one to share much information about their viewing metrics however, and details are still sparse about what counts as a "view" for the feature film (it's unclear if accounts had to watch the entire film for it to be a view, or if only part of the film has to be seen).

The task requires participants to attempt to do things blindfolded like Bullock's character in the film.

Third, a hodgepodge of talented actors fill out the cast: John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Tom Hollander, Lil Rel Howery, BD Wong, Danielle Macdonald, Jacki Weaver and Trevante Rhodes.

First, the premise: It's been a solid few years for horror films, and the idea of invisible creatures causing unpredictable behavior seems promising.