The Accidental Prime Minister trailer: Anupam Kher as Manmohan Singh impresses viewers

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Apart from Anupam Kher, German actor Suzanne Bernert plays Sonia Gandhi, Aahana Kumara portrays Priyanka Gandhi's role while Arjun Mathur plays Rahul Gandhi in The Accidental Prime Minister.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister told ANI, "Can't we extend our wishes to a film?" "If the said movie is released without prior screening for our office bearers and without making necessary changes recommended by us, it will be understood that you are doing this deliberately and we have other options open to stop the screening of the same across India", the statement concluded.

Today, former PM Manmohan Singh was asked by a reporter about his comment upon the movie made on him, but his response was unprecedented as Singh, just turned away the question and moved on. "One day, I saw Dr. Manmohan Singh walking from one place to another on the television". Kher as Singh looks effortless in the trailer. "I watched 100 hours of his footage but the most challenging part was the voice". I feel it's the most hard role I have done in my life because Dr. Manmohan Singh is known by everybody and even today, he is so active. "I then made a decision to read the script and it was great". "He is more vocal now than he was in year 2014". "We don't want to give any unnecessary publicity to this film by protesting it", said Congress' media in-charge Narendra Saluja. I feel this has to be perceived as a film and it shouldn't get into controversy because of its political background because you need to have guts to make this film and I must say our director and producers have the guts. The film, whose trailer was released recently, has a motley of actors playing the key players of the Nehru-Gandhi family and Kher stepping into the shoes of Dr Manmohan Singh.

The Accidental Prime Minister is directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte and written by Mayank Tewari. Meanwhile, the Congerss has denied reports that it is seeking a ban on the release of Anupam Kher-starrer The Accidental Prime Minister.