Hints of democratic agenda as Google CEO testifies

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In his explanation, Google CEO has cleared the point from his part and from Google's part.

The search for the word "idiot" on Google apparently saw a jump after it was found a few months ago that it threw up images of US President Donald Trump.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai denied that the tech giant favors the more progressive political currents, in contrast to what some legislators and media outlets have claimed, in his first appearance before the US Congress.

Google angered lawmakers earlier this year by refusing to send a top executive to a similar hearing with Facebook and Twitter.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) asked Pichai if he ever directed any of his staff to manipulate search results for which Google CEO replied that it was impossible for not only one but a group of people to authorise that due to the number of steps involved in the process.

Lawmakers from both parties seem determined to re-examine whether Google rigs its search results to promote its own services and its own political agenda, too.

"The First Amendment limits what the government can do on regulating speech, it does not limit Google", Lieu said. Democratic representative Zoe Lofgren asked. If that changes, Pichai promised to be "fully transparent" about the move.

Nadler called the notion of bias a "delusion" and a "right-wing conspiracy theory". Pichai has said that he wants Google to be in China serving Chinese users. The New York Democrat said Tuesday's hearing was the committee's fourth to address the topic - and he suggested he'd move on to other topics as Democrats take control.

She then asked, Pichai, "How would that happen?"

Momentum is building in Congress for legislation to put stricter limits and privacy protections around the big tech companies' collection of data.

Jordan used his time to seek answers about leaked emails that revealed in September that Google had engaged in efforts to increase Latino voter turnout in 2016, which Multicultural Marketing department chief Eliana Murillo admitted were essentially a "silent donation" in hopes the voters would back Democrat Hillary Clinton. Poe demanded a yes or no answer, but Pichai indicated it was complicated.

Governments around the world are becoming increasingly unnerved by the power being amassed by major technology companies with the dominance of Facebook in social networking, Google in search and Amazon in e-commerce raising the most concerns.

To which Pichai patiently informed him, "Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company".

The phenomenon is known as "Google bombing", and has affected many other famous names in the past.