Samsung Galaxy S10+ Leaks In Highest-Resolution Renders Yet

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Currently Verizon runs a "5G-to-Wifi" service, launched in October, although this isn't typical 5G: it doesn't use industry standards, and requires additional hardware to convert the signal from 5G to traditional Wi-Fi.

In fact, early Tuesday Samsung and AT&T announced the first 5G Samsung phone will be available on the carrier in the spring of 2019, or around the time that Samsung typically releases new Galaxy S models. Compared to the Snapdragon 845, the Snapdragon 855 comes with the new multi-core AI engine that is will be offering up to 3x better AI performance.

With 5G capabilities, Denison said, you'll be able to make a video call with a loved one that will feature "crystal-clear video" and "flawless" audio.

Both AT&T and Verizon shared the stage with Qualcomm to discuss their plans for deployments.

Meanwhile Qualcomm and Nokia have been doing some 5G testing in Finland, once more with this 1H 2019 5G switch on deadline in mind.

Of course for those to be practical, they need more than just a 5G modem inside.

Samsung's upcoming phone, in partnership with Verizon, is particularly interesting because that means it will beat Apple to the finish line.

Another feature the Snapdragon 855 can tap into is Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Sensor.

The Snapdragon 855 has appeared in various leaks, with some people referring to it as the Snapdragon 8150 while suggesting Qualcomm would change the numbering system for its top mobile processor. But at the end of a session outlining Qualcomm's plans for the next-generation 5G wireless network, Qualcomm senior vice president and general manager for mobile Alex Katouzian unveiled the name of the new chipset and talked up some of its features. Safe to say we're looking forward to getting our first Snapdragon 855 devices in hand and seeing what Qualcomm's flagship chipset can do. The event runs from December 4 - 6, so we can expect to get a look at the cutting-edge technology any minute now. We don't think so.

We also know that the Snapdragon 855 offers support for 5G connectivity. Qualcomm also mentioned gaming, promising next-level gaming experiences to the next generation of premium flagship devices. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is official, and it's coming to mobile devices soon.

Qualcomm announced the new products at its Tech Summit in Maui; we'll find out more as the conference continues. It's promising to run through the specifics of the mobile platform tomorrow, on the second day of its Snapdragon Summit 2018.