North Korean Soldier Crosses Heavily Guarded Border and Defects to South Korea

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Three sites are under consideration for a second U.S. -DPRK summit, President Donald Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Saturday, en route back from a G20 meeting in Argentina.

The incident marks the first military defection from North Korea since the two countries agreed to take several steps to lower tensions.

Another North Korean soldier defected to South Korea, under a hail of gunfire, across the military demarcation line in November 2017. First, the two sides will survey a section of the line connecting Kaesong, a North Korean city near the MDL, and Sinuiju, a city near the Chinese border.

In September, the President said that he wanted to schedule a second summit with Kim.

A South Korean train rolled across the heavily militarized frontier into North Korea for the first time in a decade Friday, as Seoul pushed ahead with a plan to reunite the two railway networks despite heavy United Nations sanctions.

The military said it will question the soldier about how he escaped across the border, a 2.5-mile wide, 155-mile long buffer zone that's lined with barbed wire and filled with land mines.

The Koreas in December 2007 began freight services between South Korea's Munsan Station in Paju and the North's Panmun Station to support operations at a now-shuttered joint factory park in Kaesong.

North Korea was angered by Washington's refusal to ease sanctions and warned it could resume its nuclear programme.

A train carrying a team of South Korean officials that will inspect railway sections in the North with their North Korean counterparts passes a section of the Gyeongui Line at the demilitarized zone in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, Friday.

They agreed on the need for "maintaining vigorous enforcement of existing sanctions to ensure the DPRK understands that denuclearisation is the only path", Sanders said, using the North's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

More than 30,000 North Korean civilians have fled their homeland but most flee across the porous frontier with China, and rarely across the inter-Korean border which is fortified with minefields and barbed wire.

She added the railway reconnection would help expand the country´s "economic territory" to Eurasia by land, as the division of the Korean peninsula has left South Korea geopolitically cut off from the continent for many decades.

Appreciating Kim's upcoming visit to Seoul, Trump noted that the trip may create new momentum for efforts to denuclearize North Korea and establish peace on the Korean Peninsula, according to Yonhap News Agency.