British MP reveals he is HIV positive

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A British politician has been given a standing ovation in the House of Commons after revealing he has been HIV positive for 10 years.

According to the data, HIV prevalence and new infections have declined but deaths have continued to increase over the years.

The charity said that misinformation around HIV still causes stigma, which impacts many people living with HIV. The only way to know your HIV status for sure is to get tested.

Last year, Health Minister Rekawt Hamarashid stated that no cases of AIDS were registered among those from the Kurdistan Region and that only 26 cases of were identified among foreigners visiting the region, after which they were immediately deported back to their countries. Just under half, or 35.4 million people, have died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Lloyd Russell Moyle said there is still stigma surrounding HIV
Lloyd Russell Moyle said there is still stigma surrounding HIV

"If treated, someone who is HIV positive, like myself, can expect to live a long and full life with little to no side-effects from the drugs regime".

These were ambitious targets set by global charity UNAIDS to ensure as many people as possible knew they had the condition and received the appropriate treatment.

According to the latest statistics of the National STD/AIDS Control Program (NSACP), Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka, cumulative HIV cases reported by the end of the first three quarters of this year is 3,117, while AIDS (potentially fatal infections occurring as a result of HIV virus damaged immune system) cases is 757. Globally, 15- to 24-year-old women are twice as likely as young men to be infected. He said that society has to accept HIV/AIDS as any other diseases and not to be judgmental and discriminate on HIV positive person.

In October, three children living with HIV/AIDS were reportedly rejected in a number of schools in Samosir Regency, because the parents of other students were anxious that their children would get infected.

Health officials said that despite enormous efforts and awareness, not many people had come forward to check their HIV status.

To combat the spread of HIV, Chinese universities across the country have launched awareness campaigns, which include hanging a lot of red banners and handing out booklets on AIDS - some over 80 pages thick! - to students. And I said, 'Actually, I don't think I'm ready to do this yet'.

The only way to find out if you have HIV is to have an HIV test, which, as well as helping to protect sexual partners from infection, can also significantly improve the effectiveness of treatments available, especially if diagnosed earlier.

These people are most at risk and may be scared off at the idea that they may visit the local sexual health clinic and be seen.

The UNSW research also shows the persistence of stigma toward people most likely to be exposed to HIV.

Castrejana said he was scared of people's reaction.

"Please encourage your family and friends to get tested", Mr. Seymour said in his message.