Angela Merkel’s plane makes emergency landing en route to G20

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Due to a malfunction of the government plane, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to interrupt the flight to Argentina at the G20 summit.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government aircraft made an emergency landing on the way to the G20 summit, forcing the leader to board a commercial flight to finish the journey.

The report said that the fire brigades were dispatched in the event of a hard landing.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the same Airbus 340, named after German statesman Konrad Adenauer, experiences failures that force VIP to change their original plans: Scholz was reportely grounded olast month after an International Monetary Fund meeting in Indonesia.

But a spokesman for the German Air Force said there was no suspicion of any crime, adding: "It's a standard check of the radio equipment that failed".

The cause of the troubles was "the failure of a single component", an electronic distributor box, said Colonel Guido Henrich, commander of the government air fleet.

The plane had suffered a complete breakdown of the on-board communication system, a problem described as extremely rare, which forced the pilot to communicate via a satellite phone instead.

German government planes, operated by the country's air force, have been plagued by technical problems in recent years.

Merkel was told of the need to turn around while she was holding a background briefing for journalists accompanying her to Buenos Aires. The plane was diverted...

Its G36 assault rifle had trouble firing straight at high temperatures and is being phased out.

There were few early signs of trouble on board the flight, aside from a frozen video screen that would normally show the progress of the flight.