Nice guys don’t win, says former Aussie skipper Clarke

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Reports mentioned that Shaw was unable to put any pressure on his leg. Cricket Australia reported that he later returned to the SCG at lunch wearing a moon boot and was on crutches. This has already been identified as an embryonic problem by South Africa's hard-nosed captain Faf de Plessis, who on returning home from the recent tour here - which his team dominated - said he could sense that Australia was becoming less aggressive and easier to play against. "All we can want to do is want to win", Clarke told Macquarie Sports Radio, as reported by

Clarke added that Warner, who received a year-long ban by Cricket Australia for the part he played in the ball-tampering scandal, was a key part of his team due to the "aggression" he provided.

Paine added that the Australian team's approach had already evolved if you look at their result in the Test in Dubai last month against Pakistan when they held on for draw.

Michael Clarke says Australia 'won't win' being nice
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Test cricket returns to Australia but with two of their biggest stars missing the show.

"I think some people just took it the wrong way - they thought it means the Australian cricket team is going to be overly nice, or a bit soft, but it's not that at all".

Responding to Clarke's statement, Paine said the team had not spoken about being "liked" by anyone.

"I don't think there is any other way they like to play their cricket, so I don't see any incidents happening on the field, I think it's definitely going to be competitive cricket, they are going to bring their A game to us and expect us to bring ours".

"[Clarke] always said, "go out there and do what you've got to do to get into the contest", but if you go personal - we wouldn't even think of using sandpaper - that's too far".

Australian teenager Aaron Hardie snared the wicket of India captain Virat Kohli Thursday, his latest high-profile victim after dismissing England skipper Joe Root in a similar warm-up match previous year. The point is, we were caught for blatantly cheating and we have to rectify that as soon as possible to earn back the respect of the cricketing public in Australia and worldwide. "It's not fair on them, it's not fair on the team, it's not fair on everyone", said Langer. "They were like my brothers, that's what it ends up being in a great team, it's a bit cheesy but it's true".

"It depends on the individual. I know what I'd get from Michael Clarke", he said. "The focus for us has got to be on delivering our skill as well as we possibly can, so if guys want to get involved in a bit of that stuff to get themselves going, then that's great", he said.

Former Australia captain, Michael Clarke has angrily rejected suggestions that he had helped create a culture that led to ball-tampering scandal, slamming a leading broadcaster as a 'headline-chasing coward.' Moreover, Clarke says Australia should seek respect which would pave the way for greatness in the future.