Google now promoting the use of dark theme in android apps

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We know the advantages of OLED screens.

For those that are still not familiar with how the new Dark Mode looks on the apps by Google, it usually inverts the colors which means that the black text becomes white and the white background becomes a dark grey. In the Dark Mode, the battery consumption was reduced to 63 percent on the Pixel to 92mA. It also makes it easy to swap in different colors.

When we are more specific the research mentions that Blue color draws 25% more power than red or green color.

During its presentation, Google admitted it had made somewhat of a mistake by adopting its Material Design that is renowned for its bright white colours.

Dark mode is an option that changes the overall colour theme of an operating system or app to the colour black. "We kind of shot ourselves in the foot slightly in terms of power", Banes said.

The battery-saving effects of dark modes are also more apparent on OLED displays, which most top smartphones use these days, compared to more traditional LCD displays.

At full brightness on a Pixel, YouTube in dark mode used 43 percent less power than normal. Presenting this data to developers seems like the first step of making a case that integrating dark UI options is important. At 100% screen brightness, the dark interface is saving a whopping 60% of screen energy.

Android users have been begging Google to add a dark theme, or mode, to the mobile platform for years. Google's stock Android also has a Dark theme setting under Display settings, so be sure to activate that. Google aims to support the new form factors in Android. According to Google, it saves battery life.

Google has introduced a new developer tool aimed at encouraging Android users to update apps to the current version though in-app prompts.

Over 20 child advocacy groups have sent a letter to the FTC regarding advertising in kids apps. Many of Google's partners have been going dark on its skins for different devices.

An EU ruling against Google could pave the way to improve Android phones for consumers, says the Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.