The NFL Is Bringing Football to Fortnite

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The outfits will be available from 7 p.m. ET this Friday.

Epic Games also announced a slew of changes that will eventually come to Fortnite, such as a customizable HUD and 60fps functionality.

In addition, players will be able to choose a number from 0-99 to place on their jersey to add to the customization and authentic feel. The cube monsters will also join the fight and they can give you some loots, so it is an additional task for you to deal with before the enemies will do. Which when combined with the new glider feature could render the jump pads pretty much useless (which they already are now to an extent).

Fortnite is having the largest fans in the U.S. and also, American Football is the most important or most popular sport in the US. Earlier this year, Epic also introduced soccer-themed jerseys to mark the World Cup.

Are you one of the millions who enjoy Fornite, but also can't get enough of the NFL?

What were Epic Games thinking, doing something so mind-boggling that changes the total game in a matter of seconds and that too live with all the players in the game?

Welcome to our Fortnite update tracker! This new Fortnite patch 6.22 update adds another new weapon: the Heavy Assault Rifle.

Who knows how numerous Fortnite's over 80 million players play it on an iOS mobile device? Epic Games did not specifically mention any devices, but it said it is doing "some validation on devices" to make sure they are able to maintain a high level of performance without overheating.

Chief media and business officer for the NFL Brian Rolapp is excited about the partnership and bringing the league's presence to the popular game.

Finally, Save the World players can tuck into part two of Fortnitemares, which includes two new heroes and the Candy Corn LMG.

Epic is a great game for video game enthusiasts.

Although players can change numbers, they won't see names on the back of the jerseys, neither their own usernames nor the names of National Football League players.