GOP's Kemp Held Up by Ga. Voting Process Malfunction

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Democrats say they want to move past the time in Georgia that they remember for segregation, voter suppression and racial oppression.

Levin also said that his firm, CyberScout, has analyzed several states' election systems to look for weaknesses ranging from the accessibility of voter registration databases to the susceptibility of government websites to denial-of-service attacks.

Georgia has had a Republican governor since 2003, and the state has voted for the GOP in presidential elections since 1992.

David Cross, however, an attorney who has been involved in cybersecurity-related litigation against the Georgia Secretary of State's office, said he was also alerted to the potential vulnerabilities by the same individual who contacted the Georgia Democratic Party.

By Monday morning, Abrams took to the airwaves to push back.

Kemp, who now serves as Georgia's secretary of state, has been accused of using his position as the state's chief elections officer to suppress minority votes.

The FBI declined to comment.

Both Abrams and Kemp condemned the robocall.

Independent computer scientists told The Associated Press that the flaw would enable anyone with access to an individual voter's personal information to log on to Georgia's MyVoter registration portal and alter or delete any voter's record, potentially causing havoc.

"Defendant Brian P. Kemp is a candidate for Governor in Georgia". Republicans have successfully shut out Democrats from holding any statewide office in Georgia since 2010.

A lawsuit filed in a Georgia federal court by five state voters asks a judge to strip sitting Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp of his powers over the midterm election - including any potential runoffs.

One of the plaintiffs, Katharine Wilkinson, told CNN that she chose to join the suit because she believes that what Kemp is doing is illegal. A representative for the Department of Homeland Security confirmed the agency had been notified, but it deferred to Georgia officials for details.

"It's just one more example of the kinds of problems that can occur when the person who is in charge of running the elections in the state is not only a partisan elected official but is a party's candidate for the highest office in the state".

Oprah Winfrey campaigned with Abrams last week. Kemp counters that he's following state and federal law and that it's Abrams and her affiliated voting advocacy groups trying to help people, including noncitizens, cast ballots illegally.

"There was never a hack", she told a gathering at a Savannah union hall. Results, the President believes Kemp will extend and secure for Georgia.

A national spotlight is shining on the election in Georgia, where both President Trump and former President Obama visited in recent days to tout support for Kemp and Abrams, respectively.

Democrats have tried to turn the investigation around on Kemp, accusing him of suppressing thousands of minority votes. They call it "voter suppression".