Ariz. Senate Race Will Come Down to Turnout, New Poll Says

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As part of that oversight, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has named a top priority: forcing Trump to hand over his tax returns.

'It's a serious issue, and the president's gonna deal with it.

When asked, Bannon says he's "absolutely not" surprised that Trump now calls himself a nationalist: "I think it was an inevitable evolution for him to publicly say that". Perhaps more importantly, they would also win subpoena power to investigate the president's many personal and professional missteps.

"A challenger would have a more valid case to make to the party if there was a blue wave", Ms Persons said.

"I've never been so sleepless, so restless as I have been" since Trump was elected, Sudi Farokhnia, a risk manager in Orange County, California, said before leaving a rally to volunteer for Democratic congressional candidate Katie Porter, who is challenging Republican Rep. Mimi Walters. The writer, being a woman political journalist from India, now transplanted to the U.S., is in a unique position to observe the three aspects that are critical to defining this presidency: chauvinism, gunslinger politics, and immigration.

"They always say it's the most important election of your life", he says, explaining that in the past two years, Democrats learned the consequences of being "completely shut out" as the GOP controlled both Congress and the White House.

Here's the twist: as secretary of state, Kemp is also charged with organizing the election.

And a spokesperson for DHS declined to comment in response to's request for information on Monday on the methodology it's using, due to the sensitivity of the information. "We are in this together, and we rise and fall as one nation", Obama said. But they were just warmup acts for the main event, the blunt former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who while technically an independent is a champion of causes held dear by liberal progressive Democrats.

He responded forcefully to Trump's rhetoric about the group of migrants, comparing it to Republicans stoking fears about Ebola prior to the 2014 midterm elections.

NBC ran the controversial ad during a Sunday night football, but CNN refused to air it.

Democrats Raul Grijalva and Ruben Gallego and Republicans Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs and David Schweikert are expected to easily win back their seats in Congressional Districts 3-7. All Americans should reject this ad and its motives'.

One way to gauge the current state of Trump support is to watch the Senate race pitting incumbent Democrat Elizabeth Warren against Republican Geoff Diehl, who is not just the former co-chair of Trump's campaign in MA but who has pitched himself as a partner, someone who will advance the president's agenda in Washington. Days later, an avid Trump supporter was arrested for mailing pipe bombs to prominent critics of the president, all of whom Trump routinely derides as "evil" and "un-American".

"We have seen repeated attempts to divide us with rhetoric created to make us angry and make us fearful", he said in Miami, Florida.

Evans assured her she had his vote because of gun rights.

They are not, he said, talking about the economy, which Malinowski acknowledged is doing well. Trump says he'll take the issue to the Supreme Court.

It found registered voters preferred Democratic candidates for the House over Republicans by 50 percent to 43 percent, but that was down from a 14-point advantage in August.

Both candidates are serving out the remainder of their term as members of the House of Representatives. 'But I've made a number. This time, 35 Senate seats are going to polls.

Sanders was dovish on the prospects of keeping the House, as well, on Monday morning as she briefly talked to the press under a shield of umbrellas during a downpour. "I think there's going to be a big backlash against Republicans because of this divisiveness". Kyrsten Sinema, wore a canary-yellow dress and 8-inch platform shoes with cactus applique as she presided over the coin toss.