New iPad Pro 'buttonless' design hinted at in latest iOS 12 beta

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This will leave the iPhone as Apple's only major product to use the Lightning connector.

The consensus is that it will be focused on upgrading the iPad line-up and a new leak seems to confirm this.

The USB-C port would allow for faster charging and output of up to 4K when the iPad is connected to another monitor.

The iPad Pro features a battery life of around 10-hours which is certainly enough to last most long-haul flights. Details about those new Macs, however, are less than what we've heard for the new iPad Pros which will undoubtedly be the stars of that show. The new iPads will also come with a Face ID scanner. There's no reason to believe Apple won't once again livestream the event on its site, but Gizmodo will also be there, keeping you looped in on all the new hardware and why it matters. It's already happened in the 2018 iPhone models, and now it's the iPad Pro's turn.

Apple is about to give two product lines much-needed upgrades after the gadgets slipped into the towering shadow of the iPhone.

The A12 Bionic that's tucked inside the new iPhone Xs and XR is, without doubt, one of the fastest processors now on the market. Apple also said to be adding a custom Apple graphics chip to the iPads.

The iPad Pro update comes at an important time for the device, which hasn't been refreshed since mid-2017. The low-priced replacement, which may or may not keep the "Air" designation (it could also be a cheaper addition to the 30cm MacBook line) will include a screen that's roughly 33cm in size, but with thinner bezels around the display to reduce the laptop's overall footprint.

Apple is also expected to announce a Mac Mini that's built with pro users in mind. This, combined with interest in larger smartphones and competing PCs, led Apple to report the fewest Mac sales since 2010 in its fiscal third quarter. The company hasn't done an overhaul of this line of computers in four years.

The new entry-level laptop will replace the MacBook Air, which Steve Jobs originally pulled out of a manila envelope a decade ago. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo projected this 13-inch unit will bear a Retina display and support for Touch ID, as well as slimmer bezels.

The beauty of the Mac Mini is of course the way it can be used with any screen, keyboard and mouse (you can even pick it up and take it from room to room, or from the house to the office, if you want).

Other possible announcements include iMac refreshes and more information about the upcoming Mac Pro.