Google made it easier for the user to clear the search history

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But the interesting addition here is the entry labeled "Your data in Search", which takes you to a hub within the app where your search history has been consolidated for your review.

Google has also found itself in the crosshairs of US lawmakers and human rights organizations, who have condemned reports that Google was working to launch a censored search engine in China. To that end, Google on Wednesday announced via a blog post that it is finally giving users greater control over the endless amount of data that it stores, starting with Google Search.

Google is adding this improvement to Google Search on desktop and mobile web today.

Google is rolling out this change in Chrome and other desktop and mobile browsers today, and will be pushing the change to the Google app on iOS and Android "in the moving weeks". Google will also be expanding this to Maps next year, which will then followed by roll-out for other Google products. Now, the procedure has become easy and convenient.

To delete the search information this company has stored about you, go to on your iPhone, iPad or another computer. Now users can view and delete recent search history directly from Google search.

Previously the best way for users to manage or review their data would have been to head to their Google Account page. This will control the kind of ads will appear within your search results. Instead of hitting up your account, you'll be able to see your history every time you search for something.

Many of you may have been successful in digging into the Google Account page to find your complete web activity over search engine and various Google apps.

Ordinarily, these privacy tools were a couple layers beneath your Google Account hub, which itself isn't an especially well-known access point. It's not just Google which is having a tough with privacy issues; Facebook is struggling with data issues too.