Kim Kardashian gets candid about 'conservative' sex life with Kanye West

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Recently, West met with Trump at the White House where he talked about being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, his adoration of Trump's MAGA hat and more.

Kanye West surprised wife, Kim Kardashian, for her birthday in the most romantic way.

In an interview on ABC's The Alec Baldwin Show, the mogul shares a memory of seeing Caitlyn Jenner wearing women's clothing in her mom's garage.

Kardashian turns 38 on Sunday, but Kanye surprised her on Saturday morning. "And, that needed to change in me, so I'm grateful for the experience".

After the robbery occurred, a spokesperson for Kardashian told HuffPost that she was "badly shaken but physically unharmed" by the incident, in which the thieves posed as police officers to get into her room.

"I felt like I was living in a bubble, and that opened me up to so much", Kim adds. "I really feel like things happen in your life to teach you things", Kardashian said at the time. And I was - everything had to be public for me back then.

"She was like, 'What is it did you catch Bruce cheating?' and I was like, 'I wish". Literally, at the end, when you can't even have sex, I thought, 'I'm never going to have sex again in my life!' I just felt so bad about myself in my soul. "I just move totally differently now". I can go on a set and be fully naked in front of fifty people doing a shoot, but if I'm one on one, intimate in bed, I'm like shy and insecure. And I was - everything had to be public for me back then.

"I let him be who he wants to be", Kim told Alec Baldwin about her marriage to Ye.

"I know it sounds insane, but I know that was meant to happen to me", the reality star said at the time, adding that she felt like a "completely different person".