You can pre-order the iPhone XR starting today

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Preorders for Apple's iPhone XR go live in a matter of hours. Though iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max hit the Indian market last month, users had to wait a little bit more for iPhone XR. The Pixel 3 XL natively runs at the same resolution, 9to5Mac notes, with the Xperia using a 2880 x 1400 panel.

The newest new iPhone officially goes on sale next Friday, October 26. The iPhone XR might have a slightly better camera compared to the iPhone X, which comes with an expense of losing the 2x optical zoom. Essentially, iPhone XR has older LCD display with slight tweaks. At 6.1 inches on the diagonal, the iPhone XR sits in between the 5.8-inch iPhone XS and 6.5-inch XS Max.

Something we really love about the iPhone X and iPhone XS is the stainless steel chassis.

You'll also get a choice of colours, something iPhones haven't really offered many of outside of silver, black, gold, and rose gold for ages.

Apple also posted another How to video this morning, this time it's a How to edit a Portrait selfie on iPhone. The iPhone XR also gets the same bokeh and depth control functions that were introduced with the iPhone XS last month, truly game-changing features for iPhone photography. But within the iPhone ecosystem, 3D Touch remained a novelty feature.

There's also an improvement in the battery department.

And don't forget that the iPhone XR gets Face ID and the same Animoji and Memoji features supported by iPhone X.

The iPhone Xr pre-order will begin on at 12:01 am on 10/19 and continue through 10/22. It's a bigger display than the 8 Plus but physically smaller than an 8 Plus. iPhone XR has a new name for the display: Liquid Retina display.

iPhone XR is the cheapest amongst the high-end devices of 2018 from Google and Apple. It has LCD edge to edge and not OLED like the other phones. It has an A12 Bionic processor and a primary camera.

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