Biden takes swipe at Trump in Nevada: 'It's all about Donald'

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That's the same thing, think of it as the same thing as me, ' " Trump said in a speech in the White House Rose Garden on October 1.While he's doing everything he can to make the election about himself - touting a two-year record he says is the best of any president ever - Trump is also laying the groundwork for a face-saving operation if things go wrong. The president doesn't seem to know that Congress isn't even in session right now.

Republicans face an additional challenge as they are fighting to hold into the House: Democratic candidates/challengers are out raising (and in several dozen cases, substantially out raising) Republican candidates, so they have adequate funds to get their message out.

After a multitude of marches, demonstrations and angry protests that followed Trump's surprise presidential victory, this will be the first chance for United States voters angered by the real estate billionaire's policies and personal behaviour to express themselves at the ballot box. These same seats also voted 54% Republican in 2016 Congressional races (in other words, Republican candidates ran 9 points ahead of President Trump). "It's bigger than politics", Biden said.

"Democrats have lots of opportunities in the House, but not really the Senate", said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of a nonpartisan political newsletter at the University of Virginia Center for Politics. Given the strength of the current economy and its position in the poll, as well as the president's increased approval rating, perhaps the alleged "Blue Wave" won't be as powerful as many progressives have predicted.

"Democrats believe our country should be a giant sanctuary city for criminal aliens", he said, while "Republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law abiding Americans".

With an avalanche of Democratic candidates at all levels, including a historic number of women, and millions of dollars flowing into their coffers, the Democrats have energised their base.

Of course, if the Democrats take control of the House, the whole issue is moot.

Trump tweeted this afternoon, "Heading to Nevada to help a man who has become a good friend, Senator Dean Heller.

There's data to support that", Todd said, referring to bruising Senate confirmation battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Still, history is on the Democrats' side.

Democrats hold a nine-point lead going into the midterm elections November 6, but President Donald Trump's job rating is at an all-time high, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Or could this be a typical midterm with the Democrats making just modest gains?

Trump also claimed without evidence that Democrats want them to enter the US because "they're gonna vote Democrat".

Republicans might even add to their lead there, pollsters say.

FiveThirtyEight gives the Democrats only one chance in five of retaking the Senate.