NBA Just Took A Huge Step Toward Eliminating 1-And-Done Players

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Currently, players must be a year removed from graduating high school in the United States or at least 19 years old if they're an global player to be eligible for the draft.

Numerous players who will be selected in the draft were identified either through their college play or through their performance at the G League combine, and the Mad Ants performed their due diligence for not only the potential to draft them but the possibility they'd face them this season, said Levy, who will make three selections Saturday. The G League's alternative path could provide what those prospects may choose to pass on in the NCAA, and offer a salary more commensurate with their value. The offer for certain players to make a six figure salary (as opposed to the G-League's normal salary of $35,000) while still getting exposure and strong competition for development could prove tempting for numerous nation's top high school athletes.

The NBA's decision to entice budding star high school players as an alternative to its one-and-done rule would pay those prospects a higher salary than the current maximum in the WNBA, a figure in the neighborhood of $110,000-$120,000 annually.

The NBA has made it clear that the idea of elite high school prospects going one-and-done in college isn't in the best interest of the young men. Will this venture be open to global players as well, including Canadians or Australians who often matriculate to the NBA via American high schools or college basketball?

While the future of college basketball recruiting as we know it may be changing as a result of what comes from the three-week federal trial in New York City, the NBA's G League on Thursday announced a move that could change things even quicker.

While changes to the NBA's age limit likely won't be implemented until the 2022 draft, the league considers this a response to such criticism. "We believe this is an answer to that call".

The deals are available to athletes who are 18 years old by September 15 prior to the season in which they would play.

The G League initiative will allow athletes to hire agents, make money off their own likeness, participate in ad campaigns, and other marketing efforts that are otherwise banned in the NCAA.

The NBA plans to begin its dissemination of these "select contracts" come summer of 2019.