Meghan Markle and Prince Harry talk baby names on Melbourne tram

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex looked relaxed and happy as they visited Bondi Beach as part of their tour of Australia.

Harry also encouraged those suffering due to the dry weather to seek help "when you need it", referencing his struggles with mental health issues in the wake of his mother, Princess Diana's accidental death in 1997. Videos and pictures circulating all over the internet show the boy casually stroking Prince Harry's beard like it's no big deal before giving hugs to the royal couple.

"I'm really humbled and proud".

For the 15,000 strong crowd, the visit was a desperately needed boost to morale.

"I'm here to give them both a hug and spread the love, it's a day for love", Lizmania told AAP.

Fellow farmer Penny Blatchford from Gurley said Prince Harry's time jackarooing on a farm near Roma in Queensland meant he understood country people.

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The 37-year-old accompanied Prince Harry to a special engagement to learn about some innovative programs developed by young Victorians, but she wasn't expecting a slight fright when she met a particular group of school students.

According to Rebecca English, the Daily Mail's royal correspondent and person lucky enough to taste Meghan's bread, it came with chocolate chips and a bit of ginger, and tasted "rather nice".

The adorable boy also wrapped his arms around the Duchess and handed her a bunch of flowers.

The day ran almost an hour overtime, but that didn't stop thousands of locals staying put at venues for a glimpse of the popular Duke and Duchess of Sussex - if not a hug.