Nevada commission to file complaints on Nurmagomedov, McGregor

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There were no arrests after the post-fight melee which followed Conor McGregor's defeat at UFC 229, Las Vegas Police have announced.

Nurmagomedov was due to receive a $2 million guaranteed base salary for the fight, according to figures disclosed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which sanctioned the mixed martial arts bout.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and MMA legend Chuck Liddell weighed in on the post-fight brawl that took place at UFC 229 last Saturday night.

The original footage reviewed by the NSAC seemingly made McGregor look like the victim but upon subsequent examination of different camera angles of the incident, it's been chose to file complaints against both men involved in the main event.

"We have to see what happens. can these guys get visas and get back in the country?"

White acknowledged Nurmagomedov's lightweight title could be stripped if his actions result in a significant suspension. He and a group of people illegally entered the venue for the event and attacked a bus in an attempt to get to Nurmagomedov in retaliation for him confronting McGregor's friend and teammate Artem Lobov.

Ferguson called out both McGregor and Nurmagomedov after his win against Pettis, and could also be a potential next opponent for McGregor.

It initially looked like McGregor would escape punishment following the melee which marred the main event of UFC 229 after the NSAC made a decision to give "The Notorious" his cheque but withhold payment from Khabib Nurmagomedov.

But at 43 years old and coming off the back of a two-year suspension, Silva appears an unlikely candidate for McGregor's next fight - and that's even before you consider the weight difference. Outside of the octagon, you need to exist peacefully. They played it over and over again to sell this fight and it sold extremely well as we all know. I wanted him to win because I'm exhausted of seeing that type of style win.

Dana White said that the UFC will not look to circumvent any suspension by holding a Nurmagomedov fight overseas. What about this? Why are people talking about my jumping over the cage?

"This is not my best father is going to smash me when I get home", Nurmagomedov said.