Ice, ice, maybe: Kavanaugh not arrested in 1985 bar fight

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A prominent Seattle doctor and former Yale classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh alleges he lied under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his drinking habits in college.

The matter forms part of an Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry into the judge, as do allegations of sexual assault, which he also denies.

According to a report in the New York Times, Kavanaugh was once questioned by police due to his involvement in a bar brawl that left one of the participants injured and hospitalized.

Although he was not arrested, a 21-year-old man accused Kavanaugh of throwing ice at him. A witness reportedly said that Chris Dudley, a close friend of Kavanaugh's who has come out in support of his nomination, then hit the man in the ear with a glass.

When the man noticed the group, he used an expletive and asked them to stop staring, Mr Ludington said, at which point Mr Kavanaugh "threw his beer at the guy". The White House noted that Kavanaugh wasn't arrested or charged and questioned the incident's relevance.

His statement contradicts another Yale classmate - former National Basketball Association player Chris Dudley - who told The Washington Post he "never, ever saw Brett Kavanaugh black out" from alcohol consumption.

Swisher describes befriending Kavanaugh during her freshman year.

On Friday, Donald Trump ordered the FBI to carry out an investigation lasting up to a week into the allegations against Mr Kavanaugh, acting on a request from Senate Republican leaders who were pressed by moderate senators in Mr Trump's own party. "But to lie under oath, to lie about that". He has strongly denied the accusation.

Just when you thought the chaos surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh couldn't get any weirder, UB40 gets added to the mix. According to The Times, Kavanaugh shot back and allegedly threw the beer "at the guy", Ludington told the newspaper.

Former Yale classmates Liz Swisher, James Roche and Lynne Brookes have also made public statements about Kavanaugh's excessive drinking during their youth.

"It was sort of a general feature of hanging out with Brett in college", he said in an interview.

Chad Ludington, one of Kavanaugh's college friends, told the New York Times that the altercation occurred after attending a UB40 concert.

In last week's hearing, Ms Blasey Ford said Mr Judge witnessed Mr Kavanaugh's alleged assault and jumped on top of them as it happened, sending all three tumbling and allowing her to escape.

Ludington said that he felt Kavanaugh at the hearing had "mischaracterized the extent" of his drinking.

"They're going to say, collectively, how can we do this?" he said.

There was some shouting, and then the police showed up, Ludington said. It's not even clear from the report that Kavanaugh was drunk, let alone so drunk as to be in a blackout.