Lindsay Lohan under fire for 'bizarre' Instagram video

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Lindsay Lohan has, by all accounts, been attempting to keep something of a low profile in recent years.

The "Mean Girls" actress responds by saying: "Look what's happening, they're trafficking children [.] You're ruining Arabic culture by doing this".

It is not clear where the video was filmed, but Ms Lohan has recently tagged her social media posts to Moscow and Paris. "Just come with me, not your husband, just you and your kids". I'm with you boys, don't worry. She's even communicating with them in their own language, and how many Americans can speak Arabic? "You're taking these children, and they want to go", she said, in heavily accented English.

"You shouldn't be sleeping on the floor, OK?" she says to one of the kids. Do you want me to give you a hotel? "It would be so cool to watch a movie on a TV or a computer", she tells children.

"Guys, you're going the wrong way, my vehicle is here, come", Lohan is heard yelling at the children who continued to follow their parents as she chases them down the street. You should not have them on the floor.

- Sharmine Narwani (@snarwani) September 29, 2018Lindsay Lohan followed a family, at night, tried to kidnap the 2 children, got decked by their mom, and then cried about how scared she was.

When Lohan grabs one of the boys the mother appears to hit Lohan. Come with me. I'll take care of you guys. Come with me. Come, come.

Apparently fearful of Lohan's freakish behaviour, the family gathers up their belongings and starts to walk away. I want you to tell America what you need and I will get it for you.

"Tell me your story so I can help you", she says.

Lindsay Lohan caused quite a stir Friday night when she livestreamed herself seemingly trying to help a Syrian refugee family.

Lohan and her representatives have not yet commented on the ordeal.

The actress had been riding in a auto in what TMZ has said is Moscow when she spotted a homeless family by the roadside. Lohan wasn't about to listen to anyone, but the fact that people are telling hater to stop as she's behaving in such a manner pretty much makes them complicit in her behavior.