Meghan Markle Performs First Solo Royal Engagement Without Prince Harry

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Arriving for her first solo engagement at the Royal Academy of Arts last night, Meghan, 37, nearly managed to upstage herself - simply by not waiting for someone to close the door after she alighted from her vehicle.

Immediately, the Sun's Royal Correspondent was congratulating the Duchess for showing she could still "take the time" for these simple little tasks.

"When Meghan Markle closes her auto door she gets called humble and relatable, but when I do it I'm "slamming the door too hard", another wrote.

It was Meghan Markle getting out of her auto and closing the door herself.

For what it's worth, Meghan's sister-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has also closed her own auto doors during public appearances.

She's not the first royal to do this, her husband Prince Harry also closed the door of his Range Rover at the launch of Together: Our Community Cookbook earlier this month.

The royal stepped out her vehicle, having her door opened for her, and was welcomed by Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London Sir Kenneth Olisa.

The man in a tuxedo who welcomed her with a warm handshake and appeared to be preparing to close the door quickly swiped his hand over his mouth the moment Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, closed the door behind her back without looking.

Some social media users praised the Duchess for closing the door while others joked she may have cost someone their job.

Comparing her accent to Madonna's, a user wrote, "Meghan's developed a case of Madonna's Accent Change #QueenOfTheWorld".

Then again, the human is no regular Joe or Jane: we're talking about Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, the former "Suits" actress who became the latest member of the British Royal family after marrying Prince Harry. "She is every woman". Some even wondered if she had actually undergone vocal coaching to sound more like a Brit.