Official iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Battery and RAM Details Revealed

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Apple's newly launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available for pre-order, starting today via the Airtel Store.

YouTubers and worldwide entrepreneurs were among the first people in the world to buy the new Apple iPhones when models went on sale in Australia. They then subsequently distributed around 200 10000mAh power banks to those in the queue.

Apple's devices have been criticized for battery life before, and they generally have much smaller batteries than their Android counterparts. The iPhone XS, the smaller of the two new models, includes a 10.13 Wh battery (2,659 mAh), which iFixit noted is slightly downgraded from the 10.35 Wh one found in the 2017 phone. But they haven't all gone on sale yet - and there are reasons to hold off on the two most-expensive ones that hit stores on Friday: the $1,000 iPhone XS and $1,100 XS Max.

The iPhone XR's smaller, 6.1-inch screen - in comparison to the 6.5-inch stunner used on the iPhone XS Max - might also play a hand in reducing power consumption. While the iPhone Xs Max features a very clean finish to go along with that gorgeous-looking gold variant, he did mention that it is 2018, and Apple continues to bundle that regular charger that it has been doing for several years now. If you miss the old days when a phone could fit in a pair of skinny jeans, hunt down a 4-inch iPhone SE. Maybe we'll see an iPhone X-style redesign at some point (I think it would have to be called iPhone XSE - a.k.a. "iPhone Tennessee" - as it most certainly could not be called iPhone SEX).

It was only previous year that they moved to OLED displays with the iPhone X. Whereas Android flagships have them for quite sometime now. The iPhone 8 came with just 2 GB of RAM. Google has wowed in the past with the quality of its camera, as well as its sleek version of the Android operating system. "And so if you look at even the phone that's priced over $1,000, most people pay about $30 a month for it".

The Watch also comes in a range of colour schemes.

The iPhone XS 64GB (yes, it does have the water resistant feature to prevent poolside disaster this summer, as well as the new formulation glass to prevent screen cracking) will go for R21 899.

Now, it's Huawei's turn to jump on the bandwagon with the iPhone XS launch.