Sony unveils PlayStation Classic with 20 games

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It wouldn't be surprising for this to go the route of the NES Classic or SNES Classic, where Nintendo didn't release enough to cover demand, leading to grossly inflated ebay prices.

Production came to a halt shortly afterwards before the company re-introducing it in June this year preloaded with 30 games and a HDMI cable. The PlayStation Classic is powered with a micro USB port, and Sony does include the micro to Type-A cable in the box, but sadly, you must bring your own USB Type-A AC adaptor to the party.

Sony has doubled down on the nostalgia by stripping the controllers of analogue sticks, too, going for a pre-Dualshock controller design, which means no Ape Escape, but who knows, we can dream.

Wild Arms and Jumping Flash have also been confirmed for the PlayStation Classic. You can preorder the Sony PlayStation Classic in the U.S. at select stores, Sony said.

Instead, the open button on the PS One Classic switches virtual discs, while the "reset" is used to quit games in progress. Just as with Nintendo's offerings, Sony has shrunken the PlayStation to a diminutive state and embedded several games - you are limited to the included titles.

The PlayStation Classic is the most expensive of the bunch at $100 for 20 games, which is now a bit hard to swallow considering we've yet to see the full list of included titles. If the PS1 Classic sells as well as we anticipate, then the PS2 Classic could be right around the corner.

So the big question is: Where can you pre-order the PlayStation Classic before it's gone?!

Sony said it will release more details in the coming months. What games do you hope to see on it?

If Nintendo has proven anything over the last couple of years, it's that miniature versions of old-school consoles are in high demand.

KitGuru Says: The PS1 was a legendary console for its time.

The lack of a new Classic Nintendo system creates a potential opening for Sony.