Luigi's Mansion 3 announced for Nintendo Switch, new trailer released

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Luigi's Mansion 3One of the strangest and most creative first-party titles for the GameCube is finally getting a full-fledged sequel as Luigi's Mansion 3 has been announced for Switch. U Deluxe will also pack in the expansion; New Super Luigi U. And speaking of the original game, it's being remade for the 3DS and launching on October 12th.

Joining it is the rumored Katamari Damacy Reroll.

The NES controllers will be available exclusively to Switch Online subscribers. Ultimate online. What came as a pleasant surprise was Nintendo also confirmed that some online games were exempt from the online service requirement.

Fortnite fans have wondered for some time whether they would have to pay to continue playing the game online. NES Games: Play dozens of classic NES games on Switch, some with added multiplayer support. For example, you'll need to check in weekly to keep your subscription from lapsing, and, your cloud saves will vanish if you are a day late in your payments.

Smartphone App. The app, like online play, has been free up to this point.

Learn how to get your hands on an offering, where to take it, and what to do with the reward. The game features many characters and different modes such as an enjoyable and entertaining story mode.

As far as new characters go, Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo followed up its massive E3 reveals, which included Super Smash Bros. This information comes from a Gameinformer article back in August, where it reported that there would be no in-system voice chat and users would have to use the Switch online app (or something like Discord).

The most recent Nintendo Direct presentation was supposed to go down on September 6, but it was delayed for an unfortunate reason: a powerful magnitude-6.7 natural disaster caused multiple deaths and some serious damage in Hokkaido, Japan, so Nintendo chose to postpone out of respect for the situation.

First and foremost, new games are on the way. Your job is to drive the monsters out.

As for classic NES games, the FAQ states that players will have offline access to the classic titles for seven days if the subscription is active. Nintendo Switch has explicitly told that they will mention the games clearly which do require a subscription fee.