Verizon 5G Home Internet Service Starts On Oct. 1 09/12/2018

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The company will begin signing up customers for its 5G broadband on Thursday, Sept. 13.

Verizon's 5G will be available in various neighborhoods across the City in October, with wider access expected in 2019.

Verizon will be the first internet service provider to offer a 5G home internet service. We asked Verizon if a similar limitation will be applied to 5G home Internet and will update this story if we a get a response.

The 5G service will cost existing Verizon subscribers $50 a month, and $70 a month for non-carrier customers.

"First On 5G" customers will get free professional installation and a free router along with the first crack at scoring 5G-capable Verizon smartphones as they become available.

Earlier this week, Verizon announced that it will expand its 5G Labs to four new locations across the US-Los Angeles, Washington DC, Palo Alto, and Waltham, MA-to focus on developing and testing 5G technologies and use cases. Depending on location, peak speeds could reach almost 1Gbps.

Verizon said its 5G Home customers will receive broadband speeds around 300 Mbps and peak speeds of almost 1 Gig, with no data caps.

This means Indy residents will be among the first to experience 5G, which Verizon says will be much faster than your current internet connection.

The website will also give an opportunity to preorder for interested 5G customers in those four cities.

5G is already the most over-hyped thing since the Y2K bug so Verizon seems to have chose to just ride the wave. Verizon will provide the service free to early adapters for three months.

The Verizon network is based on a flavor of 5G developed by the company itself while it waits for the telecom industry to catch up on industry standards.

Furthering its reputation as a hub for developing technologies, Sacramento in 2017 was selected as one of the first cities to host Verizon's new ultra-fast wireless network. There are "no data caps" either. Of course 5G for most people is a mobile (as opposed to fixed) technology, but that's not going to stop Verizon's marketing department.