IPhone XS Max could be Apple's biggest phone yet

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The "Max" will seemingly refer to the maximum amount of screen real estate you'll get, considering leaks suggest that under the hood this model won't deviate from the iPhone XS. As usual, the internet is flooded with leaks, rumours, renders, official naming and much more. All the three models would feature FaceID authentication, and it looks like Apple has got rid of the TouchID button for once and for all.

According to some rumors we've seen, Apple's 2018 iPhone pricing matrix will align closely with what we saw past year.

However, it will surely come with revamped internals and an improved camera system.

I'd like to think that "Plus" sounds better than "Max", just by default, but apparently we're going to live in a world where the "iPhone excess" isn't bad enough, but now we can have maximum excess, too.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be offered in the rumored new gold color, as well as in black and white, while the iPhone 9 will come in white, black, red, blue and orange colors. The recent rumors revealed that there could be one more iPhone with big display inheriting the features from iPhone X. You may have seen the invite Apple sent last week, asking members of the press to "gather round".

As far as India is concerned, new iPhones will be priced anywhere between Rs 60,000 and Rs 1,10,000, if not more. The screen could measure about 6.1 inches.

Given Face ID is expected on all three new iPhones, we would expect to see the TrueDepth camera from the iPhone X make an appearance again.

There are rumors, as of now, related to the price of the upcoming iPad but Apple will continue with the trend of pricing iPad in the bracket between $650 to $700 for Pro models. Apple's usual naming pattern was expected to change following the launch of the iPhone X. Anyway, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be almost identical in design and specs except for the screen size, resolution, and battery capacity.

Apple Watch Series 4 will have a 384×480 pixels resolution on the 42mm-sized dial which is slightly more dense than the 312×390 pixels display on last year's watchOS wearable. Its new phablet will be known as the iPhone Xs Max, if you believe the information from insiders. Apple releases two variants of one iPhone model with bigger displays, battery and storage options.

If this report rules out to be true, it will mark a historic name and branding shift for Apple. Still, the snapshots provide a solid clue as to what Apple's planning with the entry-level iPhone.

Apple is set to launch the new iPhones on September 12 at Steve Jobs Theatre.