Talk About Having Your Car on Blocks! Lego Builds Working Bugatti Chiron

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LEGO connected 2304 of its Technic motors using 2016 axle pieces, and 4032 plastic gears, to create a functional electric motor that generates upwards of 5.3HP.

Watch the videos to see the unbelievable 1:1 version of the Chiron being built and then demonstrated on the same German track where Bugatti tests its own vehicles.

The life-sized Chiron is a little beyond the budgets of most enthusiasts, but Lego also makes a miniature replica of the vehicle that you can build at home.

The rear of LEGO's blue full-sized sports car
You Can Drive This Life-Size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron

As if unveiling its new special-edition Divo hypercar wasn't enough Bugatti fun for one week, now the French carmaker has announced an even more impressive project: a driveable full-sized Chiron envisioned by Danish toymaker Lego.

The idea for building this life-size model came from the LEGO Technic design team after completing a 1:8 scale model of the Chiron.

The other figures for the Lego Chiron are similarly impressive.

The interior has been precisely recreated in Lego Technic elements - from the seats to the dashboard, the working speedometer (all in Lego!) the detachable steering wheel and the brake pedal.

Lego also published a longer video detailing the build process, and the testing that's definitely worth your eight minutes. Not only does it look like the real thing, you can actually drive it.

The engine utilizes LEGOs Power Functions motors, as does the retractable rear spoiler.

Just that theoretically, it tops out at around 19 miles per hour.

LEGO made several firsts for this build.

As icing on the cake, Lego got former Le Mans victor and test driver of the real Bugatti Chiron, Andy Wallace, to drive its Chiron replica. From about 20 meters away, he added, it's not obvious that you're looking at a Lego vehicle.