What to Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Overnight

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The mystery woman who was seen in a viral video, wearing hand restraints and no trousers while ringing doorbells in a South Texas neighborhood, has been identified by police.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Lt. Scott Spencer said during a press conference Wednesday that the woman is safe. Authorities say the man was found dead from a single gunshot wound after deputies responded to a welfare call.

The sheriff's office also determined that the woman in the video was indeed wearing restraints, as had been widely suspected, and they were apparently connected to long-standing domestic violence the woman endured at the hands of her boyfriend before his death.

"There's some issues, obviously, with the surveillance video and why she's wearing those restraints and the circumstances surrounding it".

The case began when a frantic woman, barefoot and semi-dressed, rang the doorbell at a home in Montgomery, Texas, at 3:20 a.m. on August 24.

In a statement, police said, "Numerous citizens in the state and outside have sent missing persons flyers suggesting the women in the video is a missing person from their area". "She rang the doorbell, and went to another neighbor's residence".

Investigators confirmed that the woman in the doorbell cam video was the man's girlfriend. After the mystery woman was identified and found safe yesterday, deputies revealed that the man who was reportedly her boyfriend and who took his life was Dennis Ray Collins. However, by the time the resident awakens and opens the door, the woman has vanished.

People around Texas and elsewhere contacted authorities, thinking she may be one of a number of missing people, including a 19-year-old from Nevada. The mystery woman who appeared pregnant also convinced Rachael that the woman was indeed her sister.

Another unidentified resident told Click2Houston, 'We were dead asleep in our beds. He then saw the images when he checked his doorbell security camera.

In the note, Collins expressed remorse for what he had done to the woman, Spencer said.