Xbox All Access Announced, Comes with Xbox Live, Game Pass, and Console

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If you want an Xbox One X, then you'll shell out $35 per month.

Recently we've heard rumors that Microsoft if planning to launch two very different Xbox consoles for the next generation of hardware. Outside of the standard Microsoft Store return policy, you can not return or cancel the console or the 24 month Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Video game consoles are ridiculously expensive.

In all honesty, Microsoft is on the right track to get everyone onboard with the Xbox One platform. Pocket-lint has combed through all the details to help you figure out exactly how Xbox All Access works. However, a year later, Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio, which would eventually become the powerful Xbox One X console.

Since your monthly outlay includes paying down the cost of the Xbox One hardware, the console is yours to keep after the two years. If it malfunctions after that, the console owner is responsible for any fix costs.

Bough on its own, an Xbox One S costs $299, the Xbox One X goes for $500, and the game subscription service Xbox Game Pass sells for $9.99 per month. What this adds up to is $132 in savings - more if you were to purchase Xbox Live month-to-month.

Meanwhile, Game Pass opens the door to a huge library of downloadable games from a growing list of hundreds of original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One titles.

But what makes Xbox All Access all the more noteworthy is in how it makes good on Phil Spencer's DICE keynote and the continued dedication to "Gaming For Everyone" at Xbox.

Just like Game Pass itself, this gives people more options for how to access games.

Microsoft has been experimenting with subscription bundles for years.

For a limited time while supplies last, and through Microsoft Stores only, Microsoft is offering a new type of subscription service. And the cost of each console will nearly certainly go down over time, meaning that the overall savings may disappear. Microsoft said only "qualified customers" can take part, which means potential Xbox All Access subscribers will first need to pass a credit check. It's similar to the way most mobile carriers sell phones now. "It's really about reaching a customer wherever they are, on the devices that they have". An Xbox One S payment plan will cost you $21.99 per month for a total cost of $527.76, while the Xbox One X models will cost $34.99 per month, which comes to $839.76.