Alize Cornet's penalty for removing shirt was 'unfair', Women's Tennis Association says

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Alizé Cornet, the world number 31 player, had noticed that her top was on back-to-front after returning from a 10-minute heat break during a match at the championships in NY on Tuesday.

She then took it off and put it on the right way around, before receiving the code violation from the umpire.

The incident sparked a sexism row, with many offering their support and calling for a rule change. "Alize Cornet came back to court after 10 minute heat break" she wrote. On Wednesday after her doubles loss, she responded to the frenzy over what could really be dubbed "shirt-gate". Changed at back of court.

"The women are treated a little bit differently, (but) I think it gets much better, especially in the tennis", she said. "Unsportsmanlike conduct. But the men can change shirts on court".

Alize Cornet welcomed the US Open's apology for her clothing warning - then criticised the president of the French Tennis Federation for banning Serena Williams' catsuit.

The WTA, the global organising body for women's tennis, said the decision to issue a code violation was not based on a WTA rule.

The US Open has clarified its rules about players changing their shirts during a match.

Shortly after she'd flipped it back into place, umpire Christian Rask issued her with the penalty. So the USTA instituted one Tuesday, when it felt like more than 100 degrees (40 Celsius) on court, offering them a 10-minute break before a match headed to a fourth set. We regret that a code violation was assessed to Ms Cornet yesterday. "Basically that was a warning and there was no further penalty and there was no fine".

The reaction has prompted a response from the US Open, which said in a statement: "All players can change their shirt while sitting in the player chair".

"So all the players were supporting me for that, and were telling me that if I get fined, we would all be together and see the WTA, you know, and make a revolution and stuff". For three hours leading up to the start of play, Tennis Channel's team will break down upcoming matches, review tournament storylines, breaking news and player developments. "So we don't want to be unduly harsh considering what the severe weather conditions are", said Widmaier.

The WTA said the code violation "was unfair and not based on a WTA rule, as the WTA has no rule against a change of attire on court".

"When I came in this morning in the locker room, like, many players came to me".

Pam Shriver, a US Open finalist in 1978 and ESPN commentator and analyst, tweeted: "I found out tonight from the ref the rule @usopen for women to change shirts on court has been a code violation for years".

Cornet said she was surprised to wake up on Wednesday to a full-blown controversy and attempted to downplay the incident.

Temperatures are set to rise to as high as 93.2F (34 degrees Celsius) on Wednesday in NY, with the US Open's Extreme Heat Policy in effect for both men and women for a second straight day.