Amazon Just Killed Two Massive Twitch Prime Benefits

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The Verge has reported that none of the other perks of Twitch Prime will change and that it's just the ad revenue system that's getting an overhaul.

This comes as Twitch - which lets gamers record and share in-game videos - realizes that advertising is "an important source of support for creators", according to the company's blog post. If you want ad-free viewing across all channels, you can still subscribe to Twitch Turbo. One of the perks of Twitch Prime is the ad-free viewing, with streamers will benefiting from the would-be views of those now removed ads.

In a new blog post, the Amazon subsidiary company-owned platform announced that Twitch Prime subscriptions provided to Amazon Prime subscribers will no longer be universally ad-free across all channels starting September 14. While Twitch Prime will nevertheless give away indie games to readers each month and also access to special emotes, the crucial value-seeing Twitch without advertisements - has removed.

Prime members are going to be understandably upset about losing the discounts and Twitch benefits, but it's not entirely without precedent. That's $20 a month if viewers want everything Twitch has to offer if they're not willing to splurge on Amazon Prime ($10.99 for Prime and $8.99 for Turbo). Like Amazon's movie and TV streaming support and two-day delivery, the advantages of Twitch Prime are wrapped up over the same $120 annual subscription. Effectively, the new pre-order benefits at both Best Buy and Amazon are less valuable and more limited than they were previously.

In addition to this very bad news, Amazon also declared that Prime members would no longer get 20% discounts off pre-ordered brand new game releases. The online retailer says Prime members will instead receive a $10 store credit for pre-orders on "select video games".

Capitalism strikes again as Amazon phases out its preorder discount program for Prime members and looks to replace it with a $10 credit program. The company announced in a blog post today it's nixing that feature for new subscribers starting September 14, while it'll be another month before it goes away for users on annual subscriptions.