White House Counsel Donald McGahn Cooperating with Mueller Probe

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The tweets were the latest in a spate of complaints in recent days from the president about a probe into whether his campaign coordinated with Russian Federation during the 2016 election and whether Trump has sought to obstruct the investigation.

When contacted by CNN, Burck declined to comment on the Times' report on Sunday.

Trump said he brought immigration and Border Patrol agents to the White House to remind them that they're supported by the vast majority of Americans.

Like me, McCarthy believes it was mistake for Trump and his then-legal team to agree to the interviews.

"John Dowd yesterday said - I'll use his words rather than mine - that McGahn was a strong witness for the President, so I don't need to know much more about that", Giuliani said.

The Times reported that McGahn, over at least three interviews, laid out how Trump had tried to ensure control of the special counsel investigation. A deeper debrief might have prevented the White House from being surprised by some details that later emerged in news reports, the person said.

Predicting that Republicans would do "very well in the midterms", Trump said at an event paying tribute to federal immigration officials that immigration would be a potent issue separating the two parties in the November elections.

McGahn is far from the only member of Trump's inner circle who has been interviewed extensively by Mueller's team.

Trump was speaking to a crowd of officers from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and US Customs and Border Protection, which he mistakenly referred to as "CBC" instead of "CBP" throughout his half hour of remarks. Former press secretary Sean Spicer also sat for multiple days of interviews. "It's bad legal advice, bad lawyering, and this is the result of it". According to Christie, Trump could have prevented that from happening if he had flexed his executive powers earlier in the investigation. They believed Trump's lawyers should have claimed attorney-client privilege for McGahn. "I don't think the president appreciated what McGahn's cooperation would actually entail".

They agreed to turn over thousands of responsive records and provide staff for voluntary interviews, rather than spend months battling over grand jury testimony and records.

"I have nothing to hide. and have demanded transparency so that this Rigged and Disgusting Witch Hunt can come to a close", Trump tweeted.

"We protected the president", he added.

However, an impeachment based on actions Trump didn't take - getting Sessions or a replacement to oversee the Mueller investigation and/or firing Mueller - would be an absurdity. I think that, after the Lindsey case that Mr. Wisenberg referred to, and, frankly, after the US vs. Nixon case, what the courts have widely recognized is that executive privilege is a qualified privilege, meaning that it gives way to and certainly can give way to a criminal - duly authorized criminal investigation. He has also publicly expressed increasing ire toward the probe and begun directly attacking Mueller and his team on Twitter. Mueller's Angry Dems are looking to impact the election. "They are a National Disgrace!"